Andrea A. Mammoli


Phone: 505-277-9215
Fax: 505-277-1571

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Room 436 A
Mechanical Engineering Building
Building # 122 on the UNM map

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Department of Mechanical Engineering


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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PhD, Mechanical Engineering, Departimento di Scienze dei Materiali e della Terra Universita degli Studi di Ancona (Italy), 1998

PhD, Mechanical and Materials Engineering, University of Western Australia, 1995

BS, Mechanical Engineering (with 1st class Honours), University of Western Australia 1991


Andrea Mammoli conducts research in distribution-scale energy systems, with a particular emphasis on the interaction between buildings and power distribution for the purpose of increasing the fraction of energy from renewable resources. Examples of this research include thermal and battery storage systems, system schedule optimization and demand response algorithms. Mammoli led the modernization project for the UNM Mechanical Engineering building's solar-assisted HVAC system, which now serves as a living laboratory to conduct research and to train engineers in this fast-developing field. In the past, Mammoli also conducted research on low Reynolds number fluid mechanics, including flow of particle suspensions and mixing in microfluidic devices, using a combination of experiments and numerical simulations on high-performance parallel computers.

Teaching Interests

  • Energy systems
  • Heat Transfer
  • Numerical Methods

Research Interests

  • Management and Control of Distributed Energy Systems and Microgrids
  • Power Flow simulations
  • Building Energy Performance Monitoring

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