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12th annual Texas Autocross Weekend

UTA will be hosting the 12th annual "Texas Autocross Weekend" on the weekend of July 14 and 15, 2012. The original intent was for Texas and Oklahoma schools to get together, but it has grown to be a national event with schools from Texas, New Mexico,...

2012 AIAA Scholarship Info

Applications for AIAA Albuquerque Section $2000 Scholarship due April 1, 2012. Click here for more info.

Engineers without Borders will be having a booth at this year's annual Solar Fiesta held by the New Mexico Solar Energy Association!

Come join us for a day of solar education that will include workshops, classes, and free events for all. The EWB-USA, UNM Student chapter will be at booth #17 so be sure to come by and show your support for our great projects! For more information visit www.unm.edu/~ewb and www.nmsea.org

The EWB-USA, UNM Student Chapter has finalized their design for the Ramah Solar Thermal Project!

The design consists of two solar thermal panels from SolarSheat that will help heat the hogan into the winter months in addition to a significant improvement to the overall insulation of the building...

UNM Places in Top-10 for Two Events in International Racing Competition

The UNM LOBO­Mo­tor­Sports team placed eighth in design, ninth in autocross, and 12th in mar­ket­ing at the For­mula SAE®, an inter­na­tional com­pe­ti­tion for open wheel, open cock­pit Formula-style race cars held June 15–18, in Fontana, Calif. The com­pe­ti­tion tests research ...

David Woods recognized by UNM Chapter of Sigma Xi

David Woods, ME's fantastic Machine Shop Manager, has been recognized by the UNM Chapter of Sigma Xi as their 2011 Noteworthy Technical Support Person. Among many other things, David has made "...significant contributions to the capabilities of UNM-ME machine shop by implementing CNC machines ..." This is indeed a great honor so please join me in congratulating David for this recognition he so richly deserves. Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society is an honor Society for the Scientists & Engineers; its membership is by invitation only and currently includes about 250 Nobel Laureates.

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This is the list of telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and office assignments for faculty, Emeritus, Research and Academic Titles. To contact any of these individuals by e-mail, click on their e-mail address in the table below. To view their website, click on their name. Our FAX number is (505)277-1571.

Chris Hall - Chair

Department Chair
email: cdhall@unm.edu
Phone: 277.1325
Area of Special Interest: Spacecraft Dynamics and Control, Spacecraft Design, and Nonlinear Dynamics.

email: heinrich@unm.edu
Phone: 277.2761
Office: ME 430
Area of Special Interest: Fluid Mechanics, Materials Modeling

Associate Professor
email: khraishi@unm.edu
Phone: 277.6803
Office:ME 317
Area of Special Interest: Design, Solid and Fluid Mechanics, Crystal Plasticity, Materials Science and Engineering, Biomechanics

Associate Professor
email: zleseman@unm.edu
Phone: 277.4940
Office:ME 403
Area of Special Interest: Materials Science, Solid Mechanics, Biomechanics, Design

email: lumia@unm.edu
Phone: 272.7155
Office:ME 319
Area of Special Interest: Dynamic Systems and Control, Software for Manufacturing

email: mammoli@unm.edu
Phone: 277.9215
Office:ME 420
Area of Special Interest: Energy, Fluid Mechanics

Svetlana Poroseva

Assistant Professor
email: poroseva@unm.edu
Phone: 277.1493
Office:ME 422
Area of Special Interest: Turbulent Flows, Aerodynamics, Wind Energy, System Survivability, Integrated Systems, Uncertainty Quantification

email: razani@unm.edu
Phone: 277.6251
Office:ME 332
Area of Special Interest:Thermal Sciences, Energy

John Russell

email: jjrussel@unm.edu
Phone: 277.1345
Office:ME 328
Area of Special Interest:Vibrations, Stability and Control of Dynamic Systems, Race Car Design

email: shenyl@unm.edu
Phone: 277.6286
Office:ME 202A
Area of Special Interest: Materials, Solid Mechanics


Assistant Professor
email: fsorrent@unm.edu
Phone: 277-2349
FAX: 505-277-1571
Office: ME330
Area of Special Interest: Dynamics and control of complex networks, identification of nonlinear systems, adaptive sensor networks, adaptation in complex systems, and complex distributed energy systems. Other subjects of interest are the dynamics of large networks of coupled neurons and evolutionary game theory.

Mehran Tehrani

Assistant Professor
email: mtehrani@unm.edu
Phone: 277.6298
Office:ME 423
Area of Special Interest: Nanomaterials, Nanocomposites, Materials Science, Solid Mechanics

email: truman@unm.edu
Phone: 277.6296
Office:ME 426
Area of Special Interest: Fluid Mechanics, Aerodynamics

Professor and Assistant Chair
email: kalmoth@unm.edu
Phone: 277.8347
Office:ME 424
Area of Special Interest: Fluid Mechanics, Energy, Thermal Science

No photo available

John E. Wood

email: wood@unm.edu
Phone: 277.7150
Office:MTTC Bldg.
Area of Special Interest: Manufacturing, Design, Bioengineering, Robotics, MEMS

Research Professors ME Letter of Academic Title Holders (LAT)

No photo available

Alan Graham

National Lab Professor (LAT)
email: graham@lanl.gov
Phone: 505.664.0235

Ahmed Hasan

Research Assistant Professor
email: ahasan@unm.edu
Phone: 505-277-2777
Fax: 505-277-1571
Office: ME404
Areas of Interest: Thermal sciences, Water Chemistry, Backend of Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Integrated Energy Systems,

No photo available

Ihab El-Kady

Research Professor
email: ielkady@unm.edu
Phone: 277.6289

No photo available

Matthias Pleil

Research Associate Professor
email: mpleil@unm.edu
Phone: 272-7157

Faculty, Secondary Appointment in ME

Professor, Nuclear Engineering
email: mgenk@unm.edu
Phone: 277-5442

Professor, Mathematics
email: sulsky@math.unm.edu
Phone: 277.7435
Office: Hum 472

Associate Professor, Civil Engineering
email: mrtaha@unm.edu
Phone: 277-1258

Associate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
email: rfierro@ece.unm.edu
Phone. 277-4125
Office: ECE 133-B

Emeritus Faculty

No photo available

Professor Emeritus (Ret. 1999)
email: webaker@unm.edu
Phone: 277.6287
Office: ME 326

Professor Emeritus
email: ebrahimi@unm.edu
Phone: 277.6294
Office:ME 405
Area of Special Interest:Design, Dynamic Systems

Lecturer II Emeritus
email: bgreen@unm.edu
Phone: 277.5613
Office:ME 323
Area of Special Interest: CAD, Engineering Design Software

No photo available

James Leith

Professor Emeritus
email: jrleith@hotmail.com
Phone: 277.8667
Office: ME 431

No photo available

Charles G. Richards

Professor Emeritus (Ret: 1998)
email: fumbles@unm.edu
Phone 277-6287:
Office: ME 230

Halliburton Professor, Professor Emeritus (Ret: 1999)
Phone 277-8867:
Office: ME 230

Professor Emeritus
email: starr@unm.edu
Phone: 277.6298
Office:ME 423
Area of Special Interest: Dynamic Systems and Control, Robotics, LEGO Robots

No photo available

Maurice W. Wildin

Professor Emeritus (Ret: 1997)
email: wildin@unm.edu
Phone 268-7650:
Office: ME 23