ME graduate Sward receives NSF Graduate Fellowship

April 24, 2017 - The University of New Mexico Department of Mechanical Engineering


Jeffrey Sward, a 2016 summa cum laude graduate with a BS in Mechanical Engineering, is now at Cornell University. He was recently awarded an NSF Graduate Fellowship.

Currently, Jeffrey Sward works with Dr. Max Zhang in Cornell's Energy and the Environment Research Lab. His research focuses on assessing the air quality impacts associated with implementing the Clean Energy Standard in New York (50% of electricity will be generated using renewables by 2030). Necessarily, he is also interested in flexibility, operation, and expansion of the eastern interconnection as this constitutes an important step when building future emissions inventories. This line of research is highly dependent on future policies and regulations, so therefore, he also plans to gain familiarity with the political domain in order to contribute to energy policy in the coming years.