Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate

Mechanical Engineering is one of the most exciting and important disciplines to pursue. The field has an enormous range of concentrations including mechanics, energy and heat, design and manufacturing and research. Mechanical Engineers are among the most sought after professionals in the market today.

The Mechanical Engineering department at UNM provides students a program of study that balances classroom time with practical hands on work. Students have the opportunity to participate in programs like the Formula One racing team or the Lego Robot competition. At the end of their four year study senior students produce and present an original material, product or process for their Senior Project.
Enrollment and Graduation Data

Data on enrollments in the Mechanical Engineering degree program can be accessed from this link. First-time undergraduate students begin in general engineering and move into BS degree programs once they have successfully completed the technical courses in the first year of their curriculum. So degree program data only reflects those students who have been accepted into the degree program. This data is updated annually.

Graduation data can be accessed from this link, which contains data on the number of degrees awarded in each degree level and program. This data is also updated annually.