Graduate Core

All graduate students in Mechanical Engineering are required to complete a set of core courses as part of an MSME or PhD programs. PhD students may satisfy these requirements with equivalent courses taken as part of an MS program as approved by the ME Graduate Program Director. Courses taken at the ME 400-level are not accepted and may not be repeated at the ME 500-level to satisfy the core requirements.

The ME Graduate Core consists of four courses:

  1. One mathematics course, selected from:
    • ME 500 Numerical Techniques in Mechanical Engineering
    • ME 504 Computational Mechanics
    • ChNE 525 Methods of Analysis in Chemical & Nuclear Engineering
    • any Math/Stat 5XX course

    Note: the following Math courses (which are intended for education majors) are not acceptable: 500, 501, 502, 503, 506, 507, 508, 509, 542, 543, and 550.

  2. One thermal science course, selected from:
    • ME 520 Advanced Thermodynamics
    • ME 530 Theoretical Fluid Mechanics
  3. One solid mechanics course, selected from:
    • ME 501 Advanced Mechanics of Materials
    • ME 512 Continuum Mechanics
    • ME 540 Elasticity
  4. One dynamics & controls course, selected from:
    • ME 516 Applied Dynamics
    • ME 580 Dynamic System Analysis
    • ME 581 Digital Control of Mechanical Systems
    • ME 596 Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics and Control