Faculty Emeritus

This is the list of telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and office assignments for Faculty Emeritus. Our fax number is 505-277-1571.

William E. Baker
Professor Emeritus (Ret. 1999)

Nader Ebrahimi
Professor Emeritus
email: ebrahimi@unm.edu
Phone: 277.6294
Office: ME 405
Area of Special Interest:Design, Dynamic Systems

Robert H. Greenlee
Lecturer II Emeritus
Area of Special Interest: CAD, Engineering Design Software

Juan C. Heinrich
Professor Emeritus
Area of Special Interest: Fluid Mechanics, Materials Modeling

James Leith
Professor Emeritus

Ron Lumia
Professor Emeritus
Email: Lumia@unm.edu
Phone: (505) 272-7155
Area of Special Interest: Software Development, Factory Modeling, Robotics and Automation

Arsalan Razani
Professor Emeritus

Charles G. Richards
Professor Emeritus (Ret: 1998)

Howard L. Schreyer
Halliburton Professor, Professor Emeritus (Ret: 1999)

Gregory P. Starr
Professor Emeritus
Area of Special Interest: Dynamic Systems and Control, Robotics, LEGO Robots

Maurice W. Wildin
Professor Emeritus (Ret: 1997)