Sakineh Chabi


Phone: 505-277-1343

Physical Address

Room 421
Mechanical Engineering Building
Building # 122 on the UNM map

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Assistant Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Personal Website


Postdoctoral Researcher, Mechanical Engineering, Temple University, 2017-2018

Postdoctoral Researcher, Chemistry Department, Florida Institute of Technology, 2015-2017

Ph.D. Materials Engineering, University of Exeter, 2015


Dr. Sakineh Chabi joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering as an Assistant Professor in August 2018. She received her PhD in Materials Engineering from University of Exeter in 2015. During her PhD studies, she worked on graphene related 2D and 3D materials. Her research areas include: engineering multifunctional materials, mechanics of materials, polymers, ceramics, and energy-related materials.

Selected Publications:

  • Chabi, S., Kimberly M. Papadantonakis., Lewis, N.S., Freund, M.S. (2017) Membranes for artificial photosynthesis, Energy & Environmental Science, 10.6, 1320-1338.

  • Chabi, S., Rocha, V. G., Garcı́a-Tuñón, E., Ferraro, C., Saiz, E., Xia, Y., & Zhu, Y. (2015). Ultralight, Strong, Three-Dimensional SiC Structures. ACS nano, 10(2), 1871-1876

  • Chabi, S., Peng, C., Yang, Z., Xia, Y., & Zhu, Y. (2015). Three dimensional (3D) flexible graphene foam/polypyrrole composite: towards highly efficient supercapacitors. RSC Advances, 5(6), 3999-4008.

  • Chabi, S., Peng, C., Hu, D., & Zhu, Y. (2014). Ideal three-dimensional electrode structures for electrochemical energy storage. Advanced Materials, 26(15),2440-2445