Congratulations, Graduates!

May 12, 2020

photo of a woman graduate in mask

Congratulations from the Chair and Mechanical Engineering Staff

Dear Graduates,

Congratulations! You are about to start an exciting career, and your education at The University of New Mexico has prepared you to make unique and important contributions. As a mechanical engineer, you will see the direct impact of your professional work. You will also find a great deal of personal fulfillment by improving the quality of life for your fellow citizens. I hope you will uphold the highest standards of ethics, public service and philanthropy in your career and life. The faculty and staff join me in congratulating you and wishing you the very best.

We look forward to seeing you or hearing from you in the future!

Yu-Lin Shen
Professor and Chair


A celebration...

A farewell...

A new beginning...

The very best to you and your future,
Mechanical Engineering Staff

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Jonathon D. Abeyta
Leena N. Aggad
Osmar E. Aguirre
Laith A. Alqawasmi
Guillermo Anaya
Omar Aragonez
Mark O. Azevedo
Kshitij Bhatta
Bradford L. Bodley
Derrick L. Brown
Mateus V. Cabanlong
Julia C. Carrozza
Daniel Casas*
Sam A. Casaus
Derrick R. Charley
Qi L. Chen
Frank M. Conte
Kyler P. Daniel
Benjamin C. Deguio
Erica M. Diaz

Huzaifa Durrani
Cameron J. Eanes
Ian J. Einerson
Alexandra L. Fosness
Andrew P. Fratian
Marcos C. Gallegos
Joshua D. Gores
Emily C. Grinage
Arturo Gutierrez
Angelo F. Hausner
Richard A. Herrera
Joaquin R. Herrera
Deanna M. Jaramillo
Jared R. Kirsch
Salvador A. Lambert
Nicholaus K. Lepore
Danny Lopez
Parker R. Lyons
Dimitri A. Madden
Logan Megginson

Eduardo J. Miscles
Graham G. Monroe
Rudy Montoya
Robert C. Morales
Tim A. Murphy
Sean T. Noonan
Edwin Ochoa
Alex J. Owen
Andrew R. Rizk
Joshua Romano
Derric L. Romero
Zachary J. Sanchez Archuleta
David M. Shapiro
Rachel M. Starkweather
Shawn N. Swanson
Benjamin M. Timm
Vuvy Q. Tran
Isaac A. Valdez
Kyle A. Williams
Jackie Zeng

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Trey A. Alexanderson
Eric A. Ballard
Christopher A. Buksa
Jacob A. Chavez
Jay Del Barga
Mark D. Dierauer
Ian B. Finley
Robert M. Flores
Wendy Flores
Daniel Freelong

Jacob P. Fulton
Jonathan A. Gutierrez
Teal S. Harbour
Maimuna Hossain
Austin E. Jordan
Chase Kayser
Cassidy A. Kuehl
Collin A. Lockemer
Luis E. Loya
Nicolas M. Montoya

Evan M. New
Joshua L. Nowlin
Aseem Poudyal
Ethan H. Remkes
Carter S. Sanford
Samuel V. Silver
Mark A. Vasquez
Caleb D. White

Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering

Molly M. Bailey
Isaac S. Klickstein

*Summer 2020 Graduate
Graduating with Distinction